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Fair and Balanced Blogger

In Praise of Forgiveness

Clemency was codified into law as a religious way to praise those who find redemption. If we do not offer life (imprisoned life, but still life) to one who has worked hard against the mistakes he himself was prey to... what can that say about us as a society?

Even should we be forced to consider this from a less moral angle, it is more expensive to put someone on death row and execute them than it is to hold them in prison for more than 50 years. Think of it, a full life in prison costs the taxpayers less than putting someone to death. Shouldn't we save our tax money to help our community? Shouldn't we save our money to give to our schools, to equip law enforcement, to make our communities safer and happier? Shouldn't we refuse to pay one more cent for these criminals than we have to?

For all of you: may you recieve all the forgiveness in your life that you would grant another.

RIP Stanley Tookie Williams.

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